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PMR 446  Inverted V Antenna

Thank's  for buying this pmr 446 inverted v Ant kit from EBAY.
    They are quite strait forward to assemble  and easy to transport  about your garden or can be used indoors .
      The 2 elements  should be mounted as seen in pic below.
 You can use 50  OHMS Coax  to the centre of the brass elements  and leave a small gap. You will need to cut the elements to size to get a low vswr reading.
Try to  position ant way from metal objects  as this can affect  the vswr.
Once made you can adjust  the elements slightly  for a low swr if in  a different location.
One can use  power up to 30 watts but you will need a rf  choke to keep common mode current from coming down the side of the coax.. Check  youtube   Pleanty of info on there.

3D Mount with 2 brass

elements and 4 cable ties.

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