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Delta Loop.

I have been working on some delta loops for the  PMR Band and 70 cms
Delta loop :
Finished Antenna for the 70 cms band,
To be sent for my friend to try in Brighton very soon.
Even so it as a good low VSWR over the frequencies. with a low angle of 25 Deg of RF.
For thoes who would like to make their own.
Here is the info.
The Equation should be fine for the 70 cms
and pmr band.
I used Brass wire of  1.5mm dia and mounted on the  3 D printed Delta Loop mount.
446 chart.png

The  Blue Chart  Gives a Calculated  length

for the  frequency of the 446 MHz Band. Also the 470 MHz  Ausi   CB uhf Band.





Brass Wire can be bought from 

 Model Making Supplies and Materials | Hobbies   

Inverted   V  Mount For 446 Band
This Mount was all connected together with 50R coax and a Choke with a short run of Cable and gave a good vswr reading of
1.11:1 on my  VNA.
Dual  Dipole
Been Busy   once again working on a  two Band Dipole.
Also been making a 3D Mount for this antenna,  2 in one and hoping to post pics when ready to do so.
ushape ant - Copy - Copy.jpg

Delta Loop:

The Delta Loop is now   on sale on EBAY  in  a kit form with a new mount.

DELTALOOP222222 - Copy.png
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