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Making The Delta Loop.

Making the delta loop  is quite easy . But it does need to be Made  the right way with the  mount that you have bought from EBAY. Or for Free.

DELTALOOP222222 - Copy.png

The Brass Rod  i used is  1.5 mm Dia. 

Rod 3 Length is... 204 mm.

Rod 4/5 Length is...258 mm.


Rods 4 &5 Mounted to Mount

with some cable ties .Then solder the Rods to Rod 3.


Dimensions. for the 3d mount

It's always better when soldering to use a flat service.

I have 11 of these  Mounts to give away for Free. if  required by you this should get one started in making  the delta Loop. Only one per person.

You will have to request by email to receive the mount and sent out by second class post..

Many Thanks.


Once the Delta Loop

Elements have been soldered and mounted to the mount via some Cables Ties....Solder some brass rod to the point at 1 and 2 as shown in the pic  at a length of about 30mm Then one can adjust the vswr for the lowest setting by moving the centre conductor with the braid. Once found the best vswr  just resolder the coax connctions .

Mind you one could make a balun 4:1 for the loop and it should give a better rf pattern also a choke might be needed.

This Antenna is not intended for permant  use out doors  it's ideal for use in your loft or to go portable with. i mount mine on a Bean pole of 12 feet. So have your Baofeng  uv5r  ready and pull in thoes  distance stations without paying a fortune for an Antenna.


Another  Way...



One can use a  Chock block to connect to the swr  part of the wire, I tried  this and  lowered the swr down to 

1.0:1 testing with my   VNA Unit.


The antenna in use.

Tempoary  mounted outside on  2 beanpoles
and cable tied to our refuse bin.
The swr  is slighty  below 1.11:1  at about 21 watts out. Mind you 11 watts out normally is fine and i spoke to a chap in Wadhurst  near my location using my...
{Radioddity  DB25}

Close up view.

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